Hottest 2023 Fashion trends for Southern California

With 20 years gone by from the origin of Y2K fashion the resurgence of this old style has take many new forms. 2022 is no exception to the incoming wave of updated Y2K looks in modern fashion. While the early 2000’s accompanied many of these items with reckless abandon, creating mismatched outfits of jean skirts on top of patterned leggings the 2020’s choose a more styled approach. Each item becomes the showcase of the look with matching colors and down played styling.

1. micro-trends are out… capsule wardrobes are in

The plague that was the COVID-19 years and pandemic offered media outlets to overhaul the fashion industry. Micro-trends took over. It was impossible to keep up with the new trends readily making their way through stores. If you bought one item it was already out of fashion. Consumption was at an all time high. 2022 has been forecast to repurpose old clothes and grow minimalist capsule wardrobes instead of mass production poor quality clothing. Opting for a capsule wardrobe is the easiest way to pair down and be happier for it. In the words of Marie Kondo….”Does it bring you joy?”

2. prep

Upscale preparatory clothes have slowly been coming back to the modern lens. Last year it was tennis skirts and sweater vests. This year opts for more layering so in line with my last sentiment, DON’T THROW THOSE OUT. Now we can layer them more sophisticated, with long trench coats and sweaters on top. A good skirt will never go out of style and layering a sweater vest is the perfect way to add on to a simple prep outfit.

3. big bags

There are trend revivals every few years and as the microbag comes to an end, the large bag resurgence begins. Y2K fashion is bringing back many trends in the 2020’s and now is the time to break out those big buckle bags from the back of your closet. If you’re not fully ready to go head first back into bottetta venega bags, opt for the always timeless bucket bag, but edge away from overt logos.

4. ballet flats and leg warmers

With this trend I think it could go one of two ways. First ballet flats are a great staple and could look great with a leg warmer, tights and a skirt, but in combination with an older trend this could be even better. Platforms took the fashion world in a frenzy last year and ballet flats may get a platformed look this year. That platformed look will pair even better with neutral leg warmers and our aforementioned preparatory style. This is one of the looks I’m most looking forward to seeing this year.

5. Maison margiela Tabi’s

When these shoes first came out the world was in an absolute uproar over them. Love them or hate them these shoes are here to stay and are gaining lots of popularity. Possibly released too soon the Tabi is not getting the praise it deserves. Add these to your birthday shopping list as they’re the perfect way to elevate an outfit.

6. balaclavas

If you haven’t seen everyone sporting balaclavas, you must be living under a rock. This traditional Russian headwear is making a huge play in the fashion scene. Not only are these warm and comfortable for the winter weather, but you can support many small businesses by buying hand knit versions. Simple balaclavas in neutral colors are perfect for winter layering. Whereas fun patterns and horns or ears are amazing to add to simple outfits. Make this hood the star of your outfit.

7. power suits

Who doesn’t love a good power suit. They make amazing looks to go out in especially as a plain suit top. They can also be dressed down for casual wear with a pair of sneakers and a tank top underneath. As a super versatile piece of clothing I would definitely recommend having a least one neutral suit in a capsule wardrobe.

8. plaid

Okay…okay… I know I keep hitting home the preppy style as this year’s, “it” look and a perfect compliment is the introduction of upscale plaids. The time of the plaid shacket is over and I think we’re all happy for that, but a simple plaid pant or cardigan can pair perfectly with an upscale outfit. As if pulled out of the OG Gossip Girl, channel your inner Blaire Waldorf and roam around the Upper East Side.

9. ugg slippers

To many this may come as a surprise. Whether you thought Uggs comfortable boots never went out of style, or you cringe thinking of the phase of Ugg boots with yoga pants of the 2010’s, the new wave of Uggs are coming back into fashion. If you, like me was a member of the Ugg and yoga pant teenage era, it will be a bit of a shock when i tell you it’s the lowest cut Ugg boot that is becoming the new fashion staple. I can’t deny a monochrome look with a beige Ugg has been drawing my attention.

10. Skims casual wear

Athliesure took the world by storm only a few years ago, but staying inside for 2 years had edged us all towards an even more lax kind of fashion. That being styled lounge wear and no company does it better than skims. While I can only wish this was a sponsored post, Skims is everywhere and on every influencer, and can you blame them? It’s comfortable!

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