Best Women’s Hairstyles of 2022

1. Color blocking

Last years take on color blocking is most known for the ‘money pieces’ (the front two strands) seen everywhere, and while these are declining in popularity, color blocking is here to stay. Split hair was also very popular in 2019 and still maintains some popularity but girls are opting for a more subtle interesting dye design. Color blocking can be kept simple with just one front strand an opposing color, such as platinum on black. Another great way to accomplish the color blocking trend is mismatched pieces throughout the hair, such as half bangs of two softly related colors.

2. Tipped color points

This is a hair trend I’m very intrigued by. It is such an interesting way to add a pop of color on the hair. This style of just dying the very tips of the front of the hair looks great with bangs or unblended layering (i.e. hime cut). You can opt for natural colors to add more fun and depth to a platinum blonde hairstyle, or add bright pops of your favorite color of the rainbow. While this hairstyle may not be for everyone it is going to gain a lot of popularity in 2022.

3. Mushroom brown

Mushroom hair is the hot topic for any girl wanting brown hair currently. This soft ashy brown color is super popular and I mean it’s gorgeous so I can understand. Beautiful brown tones are often overlooked for softer blondes, but the brown haired girls will have their moment in 2022.

4. light Auburn hair

As a ginger myself, I’m always happy to report when light auburn hair makes its comeback, and now is my time to shine. There are many shades of red and ginger, but 2022’s most popular color will lend itself to the more orange side of the spectrum. Many looks incorporate blonde color blocking into the auburn hair which really is beautiful on any complection.

5. Wispy bangs

I think we’ve all dreamt from time to time about having a wispy bang and running through a flower field with a Lirika Matoshi dress on. Wispy bangs are much easier to manage and style day to day than traditional bangs. With a more grown out look, they can easily be brushed out of the face for a pseudo curtain bang style. I love a wispy bang with a messy ponytail or bun for an elevated low effort hairdo.

6. baby lights

I don’t think baby lights will ever go out of style, the way they are incorporated into the hair will just change over time. Not ready to fully take the plunge on mushroom brown hair? Add that color in as a baby light to compliment your natural hair color, adding depth and dimension. A classic for any dark haired girl who wants to go blonde without all the commitment is adding in some ashy blonde baby lights to create a brighter look to the hair.

7. long shag

The wolf cut took the world by storm and while I wouldn’t say it’s out of style, I would say long shags are going to become more popular in 2022. This hairstyle features disjointed layering, usually accompanied by a fringe bang. The longer version of the wolf cut will be a way for girls to more subtly incorporate this very cool hairstyle.

8. 90’s layering

Jennifer Aniston in the 90’s has always been hair goals, I think if you say Rachel Green’s haircut to anyone they could immediately picture what you’re talking about. With everything late 90’s coming back into fashion in 2022 it’s no wonder this hair style is as well. Blowouts are incredibly popular right now and look amazing on this layered hair style. Although, if you are not one of the fortunate to have a Dyson curler the more simple curl in look is perfect too.

9. full crown lowlights

I like to call this hairstyle the ‘reverse Narcissa Malfloy’ and if you don’t know what that means, please refer to Narcissa Malfloy’s character in the Harry Potter franchise. Last year her hairstyle of platinum, almost white, hair underneath and black on top was incredibly popular. This year we are seeing the opposite with platinum blonde on top and a dark black underneath.

10. honey blonde

Goodbye full platinum blonde, hello honey blonde. Look, blonde is always going to be one of, if not the, most popular hair color every year, but the upkeep of platinum is just too hard to maintain. Honey blonde hair is easier to achieve and take care of over time. Unlike platinum blonde honey blonde hair can be easily grown out and touched up after many months without an atrocious line. This color is soft and golden making it the perfect blonde for any skin tone.