Last Minute Gifts Ideas Every Californian Needs This 2021 Holiday Season

1. Fleece zip up

An all around great gift for anyone in your life. A fleece zip-up is perfect for all the different areas in California. Whether it’s a cold beach morning, or a sunny day in the mountains, a light jacket is the perfect accessory. These jackets are the perfect neutral gift for anyone in your life.

2. bluetooth headphones

Do you know someone still rocking wired headphones? Well, upgrade them this holiday season to the current technology of bluetooth headphones. Airpods are not for everyone and with a higher price-point they aren’t always the easiest gift to give either. Bose sport earbuds are great for an athletic person in your life looking for those head phones that wont fall out at the gym.

3. Le creuset baking dish

Le Creuset baking dishes will always be a staple in any kitchen. This gift is perfect for your, mom, grandma, friends, or anyone who loves to cook. These dishes will cost you a pretty penny, but are forever timeless.

4. Nespresso coffee maker

I truly think coffee makes the world go round, so a nespresso is the perfect gift for any coffee lover in your life. The ability to effortlessly make a latte in your own house is great for the wallet.

5. Rainbow flip flops

When I first moved to Southern California I had no idea what Rainbow flip flops were, until I saw everyone wearing a pair. These are flip flops coveted for their comfort. I think every Californian needs a good pair of flip flops in their life and these upscale versions make for the perfect gift.

6. surfboard/snowboard rack

Anyone from California knows that the picturesque coastline doesn’t make up the entire state. Although, with many amazing surf towns, if you live in San Diego or Orange County, we’re sure someone in your life needs some surfboard organization. If you’re not near the coast though a snowboard rack is also a great gift for family members that love to make it up to the Sierra Nevadas in the winter.

7. Ugg slippers

Ugg slippers are an easy way to take a small scale gift such as slippers and elevate it. Staying on the cozy theme of gift giving, these shearling slippers feel like a dream when they’re on. The hard sole bottoms allows you to wear them outside or while driving to allow for the upmost comfort wherever you go.

8. chunky knit blanket

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again a chunky knit blanket is a great gift. Soft neutral colors make it the perfect decor item for any home in California. If you’re looking for more decor related gifts, we’ve complied the best list of California Home Decor Items. These are perfect for friends as well that are always looking to be super cozy and warm in the winter.

9. crystal champagne flutes

Celebrations are always in order, and for your friend or family member who just moved into a new house crystal champagne flutes are a perfect gift. Since New Years is so close to the rest of the gift giving holidays, popping a bottle of champagne won’t be the same without some beautiful glassware.

10. Ray-band sunglasses

You can never go wrong gifting a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses. With so many styles to chose from there’s no way you can’t find the perfect pair. I think everyone I know in California owns a pair of Ray-Bans and loves them, so one more pair to add to the collection is a perfect gift.