2023 Spring Fashion Outfit & Clothes Trends for California

1. colorful patterns

In years past fashion has focused on nudes and toned down looks. In 2022 Spring Fashion we will see a resurgence of fun colorful patterns. Maybe not like the crazy layering of the early 00’s but pulling in one patterned piece with a neutral base. In contrast this look can also be achieved with a very sparse pattern on a singular color, such as the blazer/short combo pictured below. The goal here is to bring fun colorful patterns into the limelight without overdoing it to the max.

2. Mixing structural with soft elegance

This is one of my favorite predicted trends, as my style is heavily leaning in this direction. The mixing of soft materials such as organza and chiffon, mixed with structural accents such as a deconstructed blazer, is simply divine. This look is best achieved when sticking with a single color and changing the tones throughout. The fabrics and structural details speak for themselves without the need for excess color. These looks are effortlessly dressed up or down, sometimes simply by the accessories paired with the clothes.

3. All things silk and satin

Silk and satin will have their moment in the Spring of 2022. With no structural components, silk can still effortlessly hug your curves in all the right places, or hide them in a delicately high fashion way. Going out for a night on the town will never be easier than throwing on the perfect silk gown. Mini dresses will be the most popular by far, channeling iconic 70’s silhouettes, but I never say no to a classic midi gown with a pop of color.

4. Spring Shorts

This list is tailored for those of us in California or visiting so a good short in the spring is a no brainer. Although not everywhere in California is a beach with perfect 70 degree sun. A longer balloon style short can be styled in so many ways for any kind of weather. A breezy southern California Day allows for a light pullover delicately tucked into a linen short. A cooler day in central CA may call for a pair of tights underneath and a coat to match. Either way these longer style shorts are the perfect way to welcome spring.

5. Floral appliqués

“Florals in the spring, groundbreaking”, Miranda Presley said it best but these florals bring more to the table than the ordinary. An interesting way to show skin and incorporate lace that isn’t bland and boring is some of the new looks fresh out of Spring Fashion Week. A floral applique coord is the perfect versatile look for a weekend out shopping at an open air market. Finding ways to show a little bit of skin without the “bbl’ fashion age is going to become much more common in 2022.

6. revamping the old into the new

Prairie dresses certainly are not for everyone, but I think styled the right way they can be absolutely gorgeous. Cottage-core will never go out of style and many of the fashion houses are incorporating elements into lots of their ready to wear garments. One of the most intriguing new trends is the addition of quilting onto dresses. I find this to be a great way to add an interesting structural element into an otherwise basic outfit.

7. trousers for everyday wear

The days of Trousers only being worn in a corporate setting is over. A high waisted trouser pant can be paired in a million different ways to create truly elegant, although relaxed looks. Many styles on this list use trousers as a base to create an incredible look. Stick with neutrals for the pant and add fun flares of color or texture.

8. dystopian future

Are we already living in a dystopian future? Maybe, but I definitely want to look like I just stepped off the set of WestWorld. These ready to wear looks from Paris Fashion Week 2022 are channeling heavy dystopian villain vibes and I am here for it. A monochrome outfit with a soft slinky material and a high neckline is an easy way to achieve this look. Like the mixing of soft and structural these outfits can easily be elevated with a high heel or worn more casually with a sneaker.

9. cowboy inspired

Cowboy hats were a common accessory on the Fashion Week Runways and honestly this style is a great one for California. While the beaches are beautiful, California also has a lot of farm and ranch land throughout the central valley. Take ranch life and make it high fashion by adding cowboy inspired elements into your next going out look.

10. Color blocking

Color blocking is super popular in all different kinds of fashion trends at the moment, especially with hair color. Vertical stripe color blocking was a common theme on many runways this spring. Take this look to the next level with color blocking of different patterns, such as plaid or cheetah. Let your heart run wild while picking opposing colors and patterns to create a funky fashionable look.

California Spring Fashion FAQ

What outfits are the most popular in fashion for the 2022 California Spring Season?

Colorful patterns are the #1 style we are seeing this season, but silk and satin are a close second.
What clothing items are the most popular in fashion for the 2022 California Spring Season?
We are seeing shorts and trousers be the most common article of clothing paired with the trendiest outfits this season.