the most stylish interior design trends for southern California in 2021

Southern California offers many landscapes and house styles creating a multitude of options for choosing the perfect interior design styles. From beach homes to valley ranches, to even your first apartment in LA we’ve compiled a list of the perfect decor ideas for any house in Southern California. If these stylish designs are what your looking for then you should check out our list of the best decor items to match!

Modern art deco

You may have thought something like, modern beach decor would’ve topped this interior design list, but modern art deco is a versatile interior design style making a resurgence across the country. Incorporating dark jewel toned accent walls and gorgeous light fixtures is the easiest way to achieve this style, but act deco can be achieved with a light color pallet as well. A touch of gold on tables or chairs with marble tops adds in the perfect amount of modern elegance.

Curated eclectic

Curated eclectic is one of the most popular design styles for young millennials, with colorful rugs and mix matching patterns, this eclectic design style is all the rage. A primary driver for the popularity of this style is the need for bright and beautiful spaces in concrete city areas such as New York, downtown LA, or downtown San Diego. This style works perfectly to make small apartment spaces feel more grand and inviting, especially with peel and stick wallpaper making renter friendly options all the easier.


A more natural approach is a very common theme in Southern California house. Scandinavian designs key elements involve rounded lines, natural wood, and a neutral color pallet. Simplicity is key with this style. High ceilings and white walls compliment this interior design style best. While not everyone will have ten foot vaulted ceilings, Scandinavian can brighten up even the smallest of apartments.

Mid century Boho

How could we not include mid century boho on this list. This design style is everywhere in Southern California, from clothes, to hair, to home decor. Mid century modern design styles are not leaving anytime soon, and we don’t want them too! Gorgeous rattan rugs, and colorful puffs, and linen galore, who wouldn’t love this style. White, beige, and a pop of green are the perfect base colors for this interior. Add in a fun tile or ornate rugs to finish off the look, but don’t forget the mid century furniture!

eco modern

Driving though the neighborhoods out Sunny Southern California, you can find many “concrete box” houses. This style has become an architectural norm when it comes to modern design. Although, this cold architecture style can be brought to life with eco modern interior design. Brightening up a concrete space with natural woods and lots of plants is the best way to achieve this style. This also compliments city living and even college students living in concrete dorms. Bring life to a cold concrete space with eco modern design elements.