10 Best California Hairstyles for 2022

1. Bubble Braids

Bubble braids have made a huge statement for stepping up your hairstyle game. With just a few hair elastics you can create the trendiest hair style in Southern California. If you’re looking for a look all the influencers are wearing, place them up high, or if you’re looking for a more relaxed look for the fall tie them down low. This hair style is perfect for walking around LA, taking pictures and grabbing a coffee on the go.

2. Pigtails

Pigtails are back in style this fall and are perfect for a chill athleisure look, or something more fun and playful. Whether all the way up or half up half down a curled pigtail can make an outfit exponentially cuter. Spend a fun afternoon walking any of southern California’s boardwalks or piers. Add scrunchies or clips to play with the texture and style of the pigtails to make any combination of looks.

3. Claw clips

You can’t walk around anywhere in California without seeing someone with a claw clip in their hair. Claw clips easily elevate any updo. Pulling your hair out of your face is a breeze for the half up half down look with a claw clip. Or pull out some front stands for a relaxed up do for a day on the go. Claw clips can be neutral or colorful to change the vibe of any outfit, and pair perfectly with our Fall outfit recommendations.

4.Mini front strand braids

Front braids add a fun look to a normal hairstyle. Also one of the more simple looks on this list, two micro braids using front strands spice up an otherwise simple style. These braids lend to themselves to a soft sweater look and a neutral color pallet for the fall in California. Pair them with a simple makeup look and your vibe will be sweet as apple pie.

5. High ponytail

Sleek high pony tails were made popular by, of course, Ariana Grande, but these pony tails will never go out of style. A sleek pony is perfect for a track suit look or an expensive date night out. Wear a high pony tail out to the hottest clubs in LA or for a walk through Rodeo Dr. Conversely, style a high pony for more of a grunge look with a few braids and added accessories.

6. Hair scarves

Tiktok popularized the head scarf over the summer, but with Southern California always having a breezy style they’ll be sticking around for the rest of the year. A neutral headscarf pairs perfectly with any outfit and we know you want a picture driving down the PCH with it on. Not only do fun headscarves work as an accessory many girls have taken to wearing them as tops. A great versatile look for Southern California in the fall.

7. Butterfly clips

Butterfly clips are every 90’s kids childhood staple and they’ve made a big comeback with the Y2K style movement. If you’re looking to make the butterfly clip trend more upscale, stick to gold or silver clips. Try the signature early 2000’s style with a crown of mini clips holding back small sections, or modernize the look with one large butterfly clip.

8. Super messy pigtail buns

Space buns may have been the craze of 2016 but this easy way of wearing them perfect for an early morning coffee run or gym class. Leaving strands out wherever possible is what makes this hairstyle updated from the old boring space buns. Colored and highlighted hair really shines when putting it up in this unique hairstyle.

9. Headbands

Headbands can be used in just about every outfit, and I think everyone grabs for their trusty black headband every now and again. Elevate your headband game this fall with a statement piece. With chunky chains being super in as accessories, a large chain headband works perfectly with any fun jewelry. Gold and pearls will always add a sophisticated look to a fall outfit.

10. hair tinsel

Hair tinsel may not seems like everyones choice for a hairstyle, but strategically placed stands create a magic look for everyday or going out to the clubs. Hair tinsel in heat resistant and can be washed with your hair. This makes for a long lasting fun hairstyle that also doesn’t damage your hair in anyway. Hair tinsel is super inexpensive and can be found easily on amazon.