Bottomless Mimosas: La Jolla’s Best Champagne Brunches

Searching for the perfect brunch spot can be a delightful adventure, especially when exploring the picturesque town of La Jolla. With its coastal charm and bustling restaurant scene, La Jolla offers a variety of spots featuring the popular brunch option of bottomless mimosas. Whether you’re a local looking to unwind on the weekend or a visitor wanting to indulge in a bubbly treat, this guide will provide you with the perfect blend of culinary insight and historical context to enhance your bottomless mimosa experience in La Jolla.

Top La Jolla Restaurants Offering Bottomless Mimosas

La Jolla, California: Bottomless Mimosas

La Jolla, a beautiful coastal town located in San Diego, California, is known for its picturesque beaches, upscale boutiques, and fine dining restaurants. One of the trendiest ways to enjoy a leisurely weekend brunch in this seaside paradise is by indulging in bottomless mimosas. Restaurants in La Jolla have perfected this classic brunch cocktail, which consists of equal parts champagne and orange juice. In this article, we’ll explore some of the top La Jolla restaurants offering bottomless mimosas during brunch.

The Cottage

The Cottage is a charming and popular La Jolla restaurant, known for its cozy atmosphere and delicious, locally sourced dishes. During brunch hours, which run from 7:30 am to 3 pm on weekends, guests can enjoy bottomless mimosas for $20. The Cottage’s hearty and diverse brunch menu, which includes options like stuffed french toast and smoked salmon benedict, perfectly complements the never-ending flow of bubbly.

Harry’s Coffee Shop

Harry’s Coffee Shop is a La Jolla institution that has been serving up classic diner fare since 1960. Combining the old-school charm of a retro diner with the laid-back vibe of a Southern California beach town, Harry’s offers bottomless mimosas on Saturday and Sunday during brunch for just $15. Pair your mimosas with their famous waffles, omelets, and other delicious breakfast specials for a truly indulgent weekend experience.

La Valencia Hotel

If you’re in search of a more upscale and elegant setting for your bottomless mimosa brunch, consider dining at La Valencia Hotel, known as “The Pink Lady” of La Jolla. Every Sunday, the hotel’s Mediterranean Room offers a lavish brunch buffet from 10 am to 2 pm, complete with bottomless mimosas for $27 per person. With an extensive buffet featuring seafood, carving stations, and decadent desserts, La Valencia’s brunch is a feast for the senses.

Sugar and Scribe

Sugar and Scribe is a quaint bakery and café in the heart of La Jolla, featuring delightful pastries and innovative brunch dishes. On weekends, the restaurant offers bottomless mimosas for $18 per person, alongside a menu that includes savory fare like a braised short rib hash and sweet treats like cinnamon roll pancakes. As an added bonus, all of the bakery’s scrumptious pastries—including their famous scones—are available to enjoy with your mimosas.

Shell Beach Bistro

Situated just steps away from the scenic La Jolla Cove, Shell Beach Bistro is an idyllic spot to enjoy a coastal brunch with friends and family. Known for its fresh seafood dishes and stunning ocean views, this eatery offers bottomless mimosas on weekends for $20 per person. Pair your endless glasses of bubbly with a variety of delicious options like crab cake benedict or shrimp and grits to fully savor the oceanfront dining experience.

Exploring Bottomless Mimosas in La Jolla

La Jolla, a picturesque seaside town in California, is an excellent destination for adults who wish to indulge in bottomless mimosas, a classic and delightful brunch beverage. With an array of charming and elegant restaurants to choose from, such as The Cottage and Harry’s Coffee Shop, as well as the glamorous La Valencia Hotel, everyone is sure to find the perfect spot to enjoy this fizzy treat. Memorable weekends await you and your friends in La Jolla with delectable food, breathtaking views, and of course, endless mimosas.

A person holding a glass of mimosa, sitting at an outdoor table overlooking a beach with palm trees in the background.

The History and Origin of Mimosas

Delving into the Origins of Mimosas

As a popular and beloved element of brunch culture, mimosas have certainly captivated the hearts of many. This delightful mixture of sparkling wine or champagne and citrus juice makes it a beloved addition to meals, especially when it comes to bottomless variants in picturesque locations like La Jolla. But have you ever wondered about the origins of this iconic beverage? A quick dive into the history of mimosas reveals its intriguing international background, which has significantly contributed to its enduring presence in celebrations and gatherings.

The Birth of the Mimosa

The exact origins of the mimosa cocktail are somewhat debated, but the general consensus points towards the Buck’s Fizz invention during the 1920s. Buck’s Fizz was a concoction containing around equal parts of orange juice and champagne. Created at the Buck’s Club in London, this cocktail aimed to provide a revitalizing and invigorating drinking experience, making it suitable for all times of the day, including breakfast and brunch.

However, the typical mimosa as we know it today is credited to a bartender named Frank Meier working at the Ritz Hotel in Paris, France. Meier’s version – with less champagne and more orange juice – provided a lighter and more balanced drink that would come to be known as the mimosa. Named after the vibrant yellow mimosa flower that resembles the color of this charming cocktail, the drink would start making waves across the ocean.

The Mimosa Gains Popularity

As the mimosa became increasingly popular in France, it wasn’t long before the trend began to spread to other parts of the world. During the 1930s and 1940s, the mimosa entered American culture, particularly in the Hollywood scene. The glamorous and festive nature of the drink was perfectly fitting for the excitement and glamour of the film industry’s events and parties. As a result, the mimosa became a staple choice at gatherings for Hollywood’s elite.

Further popularizing the mimosa was the rise of brunch culture. Mimosas were the perfect addition to brunch menus since the combination of breakfast foods and lunch items made it perfectly acceptable to enjoy cocktails as well. The concept of bottomless mimosas surged as people embraced the idea of a leisurely, indulgent brunch experience. Establishments in picturesque locations like La Jolla capitalized on this trend, with bottomless mimosa options and ocean views setting the perfect scene for weekend relaxation.

Mimosas Today: From Classic to Creative

The mimosa has come a long way since its humble beginnings, evolving into an essential element of brunch events, celebrations, and casual get-togethers. Although the traditional blend of champagne and orange juice continues to be a well-loved favorite, inventive versions of the mimosa have surfaced as mixologists reinvent the classic by incorporating unique fruit juices, flavored syrups, and an assortment of sparkling wines or champagnes. From blood orange to mango juice, the contemporary mimosa offers an extensive range of possibilities.

Bottomless mimosas in La Jolla and other locations have transformed into more than just a staple of Sunday brunch; they’re now synonymous with relaxation, celebration, and indulgence. The captivating history of this cherished cocktail reveals its international origins, culminating in a symbol that’s undeniably ingrained in brunch culture.

A refreshing glass of mimosa with freshly squeezed orange juice and a bubbly champagne with a champagne flute beside it, in the background, lush green gardens can be seen.

Etiquette and Tips for Enjoying Bottomless Mimosas

Finding the Perfect Venue

The picturesque neighborhood of La Jolla is home to numerous restaurants and bars that serve bottomless mimosas during their weekend brunch hours. Keep in mind that some locations may impose time restrictions or require the purchase of a meal to accompany the unlimited glasses of bubbly. Invest some time in researching the perfect spot that aligns with your taste preferences and budget. Remember to make reservations ahead of time if necessary, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable brunch experience.

Know Your Limits

Bottomless mimosas are an enticing prospect but remember that it’s crucial to know and respect your personal alcohol tolerance. Pacing yourself is key to maintaining a pleasant brunch experience. It’s recommended to start with a full glass of water before enjoying your first mimosa, and continue to intersperse water intake with your alcoholic beverages throughout the event.

Mind Your Manners and Be Considerate

A bottomless mimosa brunch is a social event, so it’s important to maintain proper etiquette as you interact with fellow patrons, servers, and bartenders. Be polite and patient when making requests, as establishments offering bottomless mimosas can get busy and crowded. Remember to tip your server generously, as they are working hard to ensure your dining experience is enjoyable.

Choose Your Champagne Wisely

Enjoying bottomless mimosas typically means consuming a significant amount of champagne in the process. To enhance your experience, opt for quality champagnes with flavors that complement your meal. La Jolla is known for its selection of exceptional local and international champagnes; don’t be shy to ask your server for recommendations based on your taste preferences.

Food Pairings

Pairing your bottomless mimosas with the right food can elevate the entire experience. Classic brunch dishes like eggs benedict, avocado toast, or smoked salmon are all popular choices. To help balance the champagne’s acidity, avoid overly sweet or greasy dishes and opt for lighter, healthier options that complement the mimosa’s flavors.

Be Prepared for the Aftermath

It’s important to recognize that indulging in bottomless mimosas will have an impact on your day. Be prepared to give yourself time to relax and recover after the event. Make sure you have a safe ride home or to your next destination, whether it’s by arranging a designated driver or using a rideshare service.


Bottomless mimosas have become a popular aspect of brunch culture, providing a fun and relaxing atmosphere for adults to socialize while enjoying delicious food and beverages. When it comes to indulging in bottomless mimosas in the picturesque coastal town of La Jolla, it’s essential to follow certain etiquette guidelines and practical tips to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all. By being prepared and considerate, you can fully embrace the joys of bottomless mimosas in La Jolla while respecting the experience of those around you.

A table set with mimosas, fresh fruit and pastries, referencing the fun and relaxing atmosphere of a bottomless mimosa brunch in La Jolla.

As you embark on your bottomless mimosa journey in La Jolla, you can now do so with a better understanding of its history and an appreciation for proper etiquette. In this way, you’ll elevate your brunch dining experience and confidently join in on the sparkling fun, while sampling some truly delectable cuisine. Cheers to discovering a new favorite La Jolla brunch spot and raising your glass to those delightful, effervescent mimosas that have truly become a beloved symbol of weekend indulgence and celebration.

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