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Best Wedding Proposal Ideas in San Diego

Planning a wedding proposal can be stressful. Coming up with the perfect time and place adds lots of possibilities. This list narrows down some truly romantic and beautiful proposal ideas for the greater San Diego area. These ideas are great for partners not looking for a public proposal but something intimate.

1. Beach picnic

Beach picnic proposals are very popular right now and for good reason, they’re beautiful. Many small businesses have started catering to this specific engagement setting and offer amazing packages to make the setup go as smoothly as possible. Both the companies listed below will make expert picnics your partner will love. Check out the best beaches in San Diego for a proposal.

2. private sailboat dinner

San Diego is known for its sunset over the ocean and what better way to propose than on a private sailboat ride at sunset. Many sailing companies have proposal packages at varying price ranges, from simply a private 2 hour sail, or all inclusive packages with dinner and a photographer.

3. horseback riding

A slightly more unconventional proposal that will require a bit more planning is after a beach horseback riding tour. Many horseback riding stables will be happy to accommodate proposals and private tours, just be sure to give them a call to plan ahead. An easy way to add atmosphere to the engagement would be to add a beautiful floral ring around the horse and a candlelit stopping place to get down on one knee.

man proposing to woman while horseback riding on a beach in san diego
a couple enjoying a horseback ride before her boyfriend proposes

4. private garden proposal

There are many beautiful gardens throughout San Diego, you don’t have to stick to the ordinary ones like Balboa park. Many of these venues are available to rent out for a more private experience. Look for agencies providing set up services that can easily help you find the private proposal space of your dreams.

a man proposing to his girlfriend in balboa park
a couple getting their picture taken in balboa park after she said yes to his proposal

5. rent a vintage car

A picturesque day driving down PCH in a classic car is a beautiful way to create a lasting memory around your proposal. Renting a classic car on VRBO is easy and affordable. The San Diego coastline offers many great stopping points for pictures and leaves many options for the final spot to pop the question.

classic white porsche with flowers
classic white convertable car with bride inside

6. candlelit walk

A simple yet great way to propose with limited budget is a candlelit walk. A low hanging grove of eucalyptus trees is a common sight in San Diego and can be the perfect area to set up some candles and get down on one knee. To upgrade this simple proposal add in a designed archway with white roses.

candle setup on top of rooftop in downtown san diego
candlelight proposal setup under tree during the sunset

7. private dinner with family and friends

For the partners who are very close with their friends and family and wouldn’t want them to miss such a special moment, renting out a private dining room can be a great option. Many restaurants throughout San Diego offer breathtaking views. One of our best recommendations would be Herringbone La Jolla which has a great interior setting full of lit up trees for an amazing proposal.

man proposing to wife at local san diego restaraunt
engagement setup in private room at san diego restaraunt