Kids Eat Free San Diego Restaurants

Finding family-friendly restaurants that offer both delicious food and cost-effective options for families can be a challenge, especially in a bustling city like San Diego. With the diversity and richness of its culinary scene, San Diego offers numerous dining options where kids can eat free and parents can enjoy a satisfying meal without breaking the bank. From delectable breakfast joints to classic American diners, this listicle presents ten exciting restaurants providing Kids Eat Free deals in various San Diego locales.

1. Corvette Diner

Title: Rock ‘n’ Roll and Delicious Bites: Kids Eat Free at Corvette Diner

Picture this: you walk into a lively, 50’s-themed restaurant with colorful décor, smiling staff dressed in retro attire, and the sound of classic rock ‘n’ roll tunes filling the air. As you take a seat in a vibrant booth, you realize that not only is this going to be a memorable dining experience, but your little ones get to eat for free too! Welcome to Corvette Diner, a family-friendly restaurant in San Diego where dining out means stepping back in time to the fabulous 1950s.

Located at Liberty Station, Corvette Diner is the perfect spot for family outings or special occasions. With a nostalgic atmosphere that instantly transports you to days of sock hops and soda fountains, what’s not to love? But the fun doesn’t stop with the décor – this place boasts a menu full of mouth-watering American classics that will leave you wanting more.

From juicy burgers to crispy fish and chips, Corvette Diner has something for every taste. But the most exciting part, especially for parents, is their Kids Eat Free deal on Tuesdays. Yes, you heard that right! With the purchase of an adult entrée, your little ones can enjoy a complimentary meal from the extensive kid’s menu. Talk about an all-around win for the whole family! Plus, the kid’s meals come with fun themes like ‘Grease Lightning,’ making eating fun and exciting for the younger crowd.

Not only will your taste buds thank you, but your kids will be entertained throughout the entire dining experience. Corvette Diner features an arcade called the ‘Gamers Garage’ filled with classic arcade games and pinball machines, ensuring that your kids are occupied and having a blast while waiting for their food.

So why not treat yourself and your family to a trip back in time at Corvette Diner? With delicious food, unbeatable deals, and a guaranteed fun time, this Kids Eat Free San Diego restaurant is a must-visit spot for anyone looking to relive the glory days of the 50s while enjoying a fantastic meal. Don’t forget to grab a milkshake while you’re there!

A girl and a boy playing pinball machine in a vibrant arcade with cars and neon signs decorations in the back.

2. Hennessey’s Tavern

Title: Delightful Deals and Delicious Dining: Hennessey’s Tavern in San Diego

If you’re searching for a warm and welcoming atmosphere, delicious food, and fantastic Kids Eat Free deals in San Diego, look no further than Hennessey’s Tavern. This family-friendly Irish pub, nestled in the bustling Gaslamp Quarter, promises a leisurely and entertaining dining experience for families looking to indulge in some authentic Irish grub without breaking the bank.

Hennessey’s Tavern Offers Kids Eat Free Deals on Tuesdays and Sundays

Hennessey’s Tavern invites the young ones to eat for free on Tuesdays and Sundays, with the purchase of an adult entrée. You’ll find Hennessey’s Tavern to be a comfortable space where the whole family can unwind and refuel after a day of exploring the charming neighborhood.

About the Menu

Speaking of fuel, the menu at Hennessey’s Tavern boasts a hearty selection of traditional Irish dishes and contemporary favorites, that both adults and kids will appreciate. Start your meal with some mouthwatering appetizers like crispy calamari or Irish nachos. For the main course, delight in a signature shepherd’s pie, corned beef & cabbage, or perhaps a flavorful curry dish. The kids will love choosing from options like mini-burgers, buttered pasta, and grilled cheese sandwiches.

Quench Your Thirst

And, of course, no Irish pub experience would be complete without a refreshing drink. While the adults enjoy a wide choice of beers, cocktails, and whiskies, the kids can sip on non-alcoholic beverages like root beer, lemonade, or a classic Shirley Temple.

A Fun and Budget-Friendly Family Dining Experience

With its inviting atmosphere, delicious cuisine, and unbeatable Kids Eat Free deals on Tuesdays and Sundays, Hennessey’s Tavern is the perfect choice for families seeking a delightful and budget-friendly dining experience in San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter. So, gather the troops and head to Hennessey’s Tavern to create lasting family memories over scrumptious meals and smiling faces.

An Irish pub called Hennessey's Tavern situated in the bustling Gaslamp Quarter in San Diego with inviting atmosphere and delicious cuisine.

3. Chick-fil-A

Title: Fantastic Family Nights at Chick-fil-A: Kids Eat Free on Tuesdays!

Are you craving some delicious chicken sandwiches while spending an entertaining family night out in San Diego? Look no further than Chick-fil-A, a favorite among kids and parents alike! With their traditionally golden and crispy sandwiches, nuggets, and waffle fries, there’s something for everyone to love at Chick-fil-A – especially when it comes to their amazing Kids Eat Free deals.

Imagine having a relaxing and enjoyable dinner filled with laughter and scrumptious meals – all without breaking the bank. In participating San Diego Chick-fil-A locations, every Tuesday from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM, that dream becomes a reality. Free kid’s meals are offered with the purchase of an adult meal, making it the perfect opportunity for family bonding over some finger-licking good food!

What does this remarkable deal include? Order your adult meal and let your little ones make their choice from Chick-fil-A’s mouthwatering kid’s menu. They can select from options like classic chicken nuggets, a grilled cheese sandwich, or even a fruit cup for a healthier alternative. Pair it with milk or apple juice and a fun toy, and they’ll leave with full bellies and big smiles on their faces!

Be sure to check with your local San Diego Chick-fil-A to confirm their participation in this delightful deal. And while you’re enjoying your discounted family night out, don’t forget to let your kids play in the bustling play area, filled with fun for all ages! From climbing structures to interactive games, there’s something to keep every child entertained.

So why not make your next family dinner a trip to Chick-fil-A? Savor their tasty menu items and let your kids eat free on Tuesdays! There’s never been a better time to indulge in America’s favorite chicken sandwich.

A Cartoon Image of a Chick-fil-A restaurant. A group of happy children play on a playground outside the restaurant while their parents enjoy a meal indoors.

4. Rubio’s Coastal Grill

Title: Dive into Flavors at Rubio’s Coastal Grill: Where Kids Eat Free in San Diego

Are you a seafood lover looking for a family-friendly dining option in San Diego? Look no further than Rubio’s Coastal Grill! Known for its scrumptious, sustainably-sourced seafood, this popular restaurant offers a fantastic kids eat free deal every Tuesday, making it a must-visit spot for families craving coastal flavors.

Get hooked on Rubio’s Coastal Grill with a free kid’s meal for your little one when you purchase an adult entrée every Tuesday after 2:30 PM at participating locations. This incredible deal doesn’t only save you money but also ensures a wholesome and delicious food experience for your entire family.

It’s time to introduce your kids to the vibrant world of seafood as they explore the fantastic kids’ menu, featuring finger-licking choices like the Crispy Chicken Dippers, Kid’s Bean & Cheese Burrito, and Grilled Chicken Bowl, along with a host of healthy side options. With a wealth of customizable dishes to suit every appetite and dietary need, Rubio’s Coastal Grill makes it easy for parents to find a dish that suits even the pickiest eaters.

While you indulge in Rubio’s signature dishes like the Original Fish Taco, Chipotle Orange Salad, or Langostino Lobster Burrito, your young ones can enjoy their meal AND have a blast with fun activity sheets provided by the restaurant to keep them entertained and engaged.

Exceptional food, an inviting atmosphere, and unbeatable value – that’s what you’ll discover at Rubio’s Coastal Grill in San Diego. So, get ready to have a memorable meal with your family that’s not only divine on your taste buds but also easy on your wallet.

Don’t miss out on this fantastic kids eat free opportunity! Savour the mouthwatering coastal cuisine with your little ones and create lasting memories at Rubio’s Coastal Grill!

A picture of a family eating at Rubio's Coastal Grill restaurant.

5. Denny’s

Title: Satisfy Your Little One’s Cravings at Denny’s: A San Diego Favorite for Kids Eat Free Deals

Introduction: San Diego is a paradise for food lovers, but dining out as a family can sometimes be a challenge, especially when you’re keeping an eye on your budget. Look no further because Denny’s has got you covered on Tuesdays with their Kids Eat Free offer that your little ones will love!

Delight in Denny’s Delectable Deals

Denny’s, America’s favorite diner, is renowned for its tasty and affordable food that has something for everyone to enjoy. Here in San Diego, participating Denny’s locations are making it even easier for families to dine together by offering free meals for kids every Tuesday. From 4 PM to 10 PM, your little ones can savor their fill without hurting your wallet!

A Menu That’s Perfect for Picky Eaters and Adventurous Palates Alike- Taste bud satisfaction guaranteed!

The best part about dining at Denny’s is the wide variety of delicious, kid-friendly options available. Their extensive menu ensures that even the pickiest eaters will find something to savor. From classic comfort food like mac and cheese or chicken nuggets to tasty treats like build-your-own sundaes, Denny’s has it all! For adventurous kiddos, the menu also offers breakfast options – pancake stacks, anyone? – and healthy dishes like fresh salads and tilapia.

A Family-Friendly Atmosphere That Welcomes Everyone

The warm and inviting ambiance at Denny’s is perfect for family dinners, casual outings, or special celebrations. With spacious booths, a laid-back atmosphere, and friendly staff, you’ll feel right at home as you enjoy your meal. Their accommodating service means that highchairs for infants, booster seats for toddlers, and special requests for little diners are all taken care of.

Make Tuesdays Your Favorite Day of the Week at Denny’s

Next time you’re planning a family dinner out or searching for fun Kids Eat Free San Diego Restaurants, look no further than Denny’s. With their diverse menu, welcoming environment, and unbeatable deals on Tuesdays, it’s no wonder that Denny’s has become a go-to spot for families all around the city. Gather up your little ones and enjoy a mouthwatering meal at Denny’s – we know it’ll quickly become your favorite place for weekday dining and good times!

A family of four sitting outdoors and eating at a Denny's restaurant, smiling and enjoying their meal.

6. Marie Callender’s

Title: Satisfy Your Hunger and Your Wallet: Kids Eat Free at These San Diego Restaurants

Introduction: San Diego is a great city for families, with its beautiful beaches, fantastic attractions, and of course, its amazing food! But sometimes treating the whole family to a meal out can really add up. Luckily, our list of Kids Eat Free San Diego restaurants is here to help you save some cash, while still enjoying delicious food. Here’s an unmissable deal for those who love comfort food and pie:

Indulge in Comfort Food and Pies at Marie Callender’s

Craving some home-cooked comfort food plus a slice of irresistibly delicious pie? Your search ends at Marie Callender’s: a prestigious restaurant where food is prepared with love and care. Known for its mouth-watering pies, Marie Callender’s is a must-visit for families who enjoy tasty, wholesome food without breaking the bank!

To take advantage of their fantastic Kids Eat Free deal, mark your calendars for Tuesdays and Saturdays! For every adult entrée you purchase, you’ll receive a free kid’s meal. Menu options range from hearty American classics to satisfying pasta dishes, and of course, those famous pies. Vegetarian and gluten-free options are also available, ensuring everyone leaves Marie Callender’s with a happy and full stomach!

Not only does the restaurant provide incredible value for your money, but it also offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere that’s perfect for families, with friendly staff and service that aims to make your dining experience a truly memorable one.

So, head over to Marie Callender’s in San Diego on your next family day out and take advantage of their Kids Eat Free specials, while savoring delicious comfort food that will leave you wanting more!

A plate of chicken pot pie with a salad on the side at Marie Callender's, a family restaurant.


Heading to IHOP with the family has always been a treat, with the comforting aroma of freshly brewed coffee and stacks of fluffy pancakes greeting you as you walk in.

Known for their mouth-watering breakfast options that are available all day, IHOP truly knows how to win over the hearts (and stomachs) of both grownups and kids alike.

But did you know that at select locations, your little ones can actually eat for free?

That’s right! IHOP offers kids eat free deals between 4 PM and 10 PM on select days, making it even more enticing for families to enjoy a delicious meal together.

Picture this: your family gathered around the table, sharing laughs and stories, while indulging in savory omelettes, crispy bacon, or indulgent French toast – all without breaking the bank. Sounds like the perfect outing, doesn’t it?

But that’s not all. IHOP’s menu boasts a variety of dishes that cater to diverse palates, ensuring that every family member can find something they’ll love. From spicy poblano omelettes to classic blueberry pancakes, IHOP has got your taste buds covered.

So the next time you’re wondering where to take your family for a wholesome meal that won’t leave your wallet empty, consider visiting your local IHOP and inquiring about their kids eat free deals. Enjoying delicious food while bonding with your loved ones – it truly doesn’t get better than that! Don’t forget to check with your local IHOP for specific details on their kids eat free offers, as they may vary by location. Happy dining!

A family sitting at a table in IHOP, enjoying their meal together.

8. The Broken Yolk

Title: Kids Eat Free: Discover San Diego’s Tastiest Deals for Your Hungry Little Ones!

Introduction: Dining out as a family doesn’t have to break the bank. San Diego is home to an array of fantastic restaurants that offer free meals for children, making the whole experience more enjoyable and affordable for everyone. From breakfast to dinner, there’s a perfect option for every family’s taste buds and schedules. Here’s our list of some of the best kid-friendly dining deals in San Diego you simply cannot miss!

The Broken Yolk: A Sunny Sunday Treat for the Entire Family

Make your Sundays sunnier at The Broken Yolk, where you can find the perfect breakfast or lunch to satisfy your cravings. With a wide variety of delicious options ranging from their famous Tiki Toast (tropical French toast) to hearty omelets and scrumptious sandwiches, this is the perfect place to indulge in a unique dining experience that is both kid and parent-approved.

At select San Diego locations, The Broken Yolk offers a fantastic deal: on Sundays, for every adult entrée purchased, children can enjoy a free meal. Say goodbye to the usual fuss and tantrums, as your little one can choose from a special kids’ menu that includes favorites like pancakes, grilled cheese sandwiches, and mini scrambles—there’s truly something for every picky eater.

Apart from the flavorful food and great savings, The Broken Yolk is known for its warm and welcoming atmosphere, where you can enjoy a leisurely meal with your loved ones. Your family will surely look forward to this delightful weekend tradition, making The Broken Yolk the perfect Sunday staple in your dining calendar. Be sure to check their website for more information on participating locations and treat your family to a delicious outing every Sunday at The Broken Yolk!

A boy happily eating a pancake while his parents sit across from him smiling.

9. Which Wich

Title: Satisfy Your Sandwich Cravings at Which Wich with Kids Eat Free Tuesdays!

Introduction: San Diego is a paradise for food lovers, with various dining options that cater to different taste buds. But what makes dining in San Diego even more enjoyable is the fact that many restaurants offer “Kids Eat Free” deals! One such restaurant that caters to the sandwich enthusiasts is Which Wich, a place where you can have a fantastic meal without breaking the bank, especially on Tuesdays!


Which Wich is not your ordinary sandwich shop. Known for its highly customizable sandwiches and unique ordering system, this restaurant lets you create your scrumptious sandwich masterpiece just the way you like it. Whether you are craving a meaty, cheesy melt or a light and healthy option, Which Wich has you covered!

But the goodness doesn’t stop there. On Tuesdays, participating Which Wich locations in San Diego offer a special deal that will make your dining experience even more delightful: for every adult sandwich you buy, you get a free kid’s meal! This means that you can enjoy bonding with your little ones over a delicious meal without worrying about extra costs.

With a wide variety of sandwich options and a fun, engaging atmosphere designed for families, Which Wich is the ideal destination for you and your kids to indulge in scrumptious sandwiches while creating lasting memories. So, gather your family, and head over to your nearest Which Wich location on Tuesdays to take advantage of this amazing deal!


San Diego is an amazing city filled with great dining options, and Which Wich is definitely one of them! With their Kids Eat Free Tuesdays, you and your family can have a delightful meal while saving some bucks. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to introduce your kids to the wonderful world of customizable sandwiches at Which Wich in San Diego!”

A family sitting at a table, happily enjoying sandwiches from Which Wich, with a sign that reads 'Kids Eat Free on Tuesdays'.

10. O’s American Kitchen

Title: Enjoy Free Kids’ Meals at San Diego’s O’s American Kitchen

Introduction: Dining out with kids can be expensive, but San Diego is home to some fantastic eateries that offer great Kids Eat Free deals. One such delightful restaurant is O’s American Kitchen, where both parents and kids can indulge in their favorite American classics without breaking the bank.

O’s American Kitchen: A Family-Friendly, Budget-Friendly Dining Experience

If you’re looking for a delicious, family-friendly meal at an affordable price, O’s American Kitchen is the perfect place to visit. On Wednesdays, this San Diego favorite steps up its game by offering a Kids Eat Free deal that you won’t want to miss. With each adult entrée you purchase, O’s will throw in a kid’s meal, absolutely free!

Wide Range of Classic American Dishes

O’s American Kitchen menu is bursting with variety, offering something for everyone in the family. From comfort food classics like hot sandwiches, burgers, and pizza, to fresh and healthy salads, there’s truly a range of dishes to suit any taste. For the kids, choices include favorite bites like mac and cheese, chicken tenders, and spaghetti with marinara sauce.

Convenient Locations and Relaxed Atmosphere

With multiple locations throughout San Diego, O’s American Kitchen is an easy stop for a family meal no matter where you are in the city. The restaurant’s atmosphere is comfortable and relaxed, ensuring a pleasant dining experience for the whole family. And, of course, the friendly staff is always happy to offer suggestions and answer any questions you might have.

In Conclusion: Your Family’s New San Diego Dining Destination

With its tempting Kids Eat Free deal on Wednesdays, O’s American Kitchen offers a great opportunity to savor your favorite American dishes at a price that won’t break the bank. Gather up the family, head over to one of their convenient locations, and enjoy a scrumptious meal while keeping your budget in check. O’s American Kitchen might just become your new San Diego go-to destination for family dining.

The exterior of a restaurant named O's American Kitchen in San Diego.

San Diego’s vibrant culinary landscape offers a delightful and wallet-friendly experience for families seeking quality dining options. These ten restaurants are standout choices for parents and children to enjoy a memorable meal together without the added stress of cost. Explore these Kids Eat Free deals in iconic San Diego eateries, and don’t forget to indulge in the city’s vast and diverse flavors while creating lasting family memories.

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