Top Hotels with Balconies in San Diego

In the bustling city of San Diego, the landscape is lushly populated with hotels of character, beauty, and boundless hospitality. As a city renowned for its stunning views of the vibrant cityscape and beautiful ocean, having a comfortable space to take it all in becomes just as important as experiencing it first hand. Hence, hotels with balconies have become distinctly popular, transforming one’s stay into an unforgettable experience of San Diego’s visual splendor. Listed in this article are some of the city’s finest hotels with balconies, each providing a view that is as unique and enchanting as the next.

The US Grant, A Luxury Collection Hotel, San Diego

Immerse Yourself in Luxury and Heritage at The US Grant, A Luxury Collection Hotel, San Diego

Step into a world of luxury, opulence, and history at The US Grant, A Luxury Collection Hotel, in sunny San Diego, where the modern traveller can find an oasis of comfort wrapped in the charm of old-world elegance. This magnificent hotel, part of the esteemed Luxury Collection, stands as an embodiment of San Diego’s rich past and thriving present.

Experience Unrivaled Views

Steering clear from ordinary, each of the hotel’s carefully designed rooms and suites feature balconies with breathtaking views. Start and end your day in awe as you take in the panoramic spectacles of the lively San Diego skyline. Wake up to the morning hues transforming the city and unwind in the evening as the city’s lights twinkle beneath the starlit sky.

Savor Distinctive Flavors and Culinary Excellence

Prepare for a culinary journey like no other at The US Grant. The hotel’s award-winning dining experience brings together the best of local produce, innovative recipes, and refined presentation. From sumptuous breakfast spreads to exquisite dinner selections, every dish is an ode to the region’s abundant gastronomy.

Indulge in Rejuvenating Spa Services

After a day of exploring San Diego’s numerous attractions, retreat to the serene confines of The US Grant’s spa. Pamper yourself with a range of soothing treatments that promise to melt away the demands of the day, lulling you into relaxation and tranquillity. Combining cutting-edge techniques with classic rejuvenation therapies, the spa services at this hotel strive to nourish your body, mind, and soul.

The US Grant, A Luxury Collection Hotel, San Diego redefines luxury with its stellar aesthetics, exceptional service standards, and unyielding commitment to providing an unforgettable stay. Step into grandeur, comfort, and history encapsulated within its walls, with all the delights of San Diego right at your doorstep. Truly, nothing else can compare.

An image of The US Grant, A Luxury Collection Hotel, San Diego, showcasing the grand entrance and architecture of the hotel.

Photo by madalinaz on Unsplash

Andaz San Diego

Discover the Sleek and Modern Andaz San Diego

Centrally positioned in the vibrant heartbeat of downtown, Andaz San Diego has plenty for enthusiasts and hobbyists to rave about. Its novel blend of modern design and superior service is sure to make your stay a memorable one, with hotel balconies that offer breathtaking views of the cityscape.

Every room in the Andaz San Diego bursts with a contemporary vibe. The immaculate design, set off by expansive windows and sleek furnishings, creates an inviting atmosphere that beautifully frames the city’s stunning panorama. However, it is the balconies that steal the architectural show in this luxurious sanctuary. They provide an extraordinary bird’s-eye view of downtown San Diego for you to soak in day or night, affording a sense of serenity that’s bound to invigorate your urban escape.

But that’s not all, the Andaz San Diego doesn’t just rely on its beautiful rooms and splendid views, it pushes the balcony experience to another level. The hotel is home to the largest rooftop terrace in whole of San Diego that features a spacious outdoor lounge. So, why not elevate your stay by enjoying a crafted cocktail on this magnificent terrace? Whether you’re catching the early morning sunrise or the striking city lights at dusk, the view from this lofty perch is simply mesmerizing.

Accentuating these architectural features is the hotel’s top-notch service. From the warm and welcoming staff that treat you more like an old friend rather than just another guest, to concierge services that can satisfy even the most discerning traveler, your comfort is their topmost priority.

So, whether you’re here for business or pleasure, Andaz San Diego provides a blend of elegance and exclusivity for an unforgettable stay in the heart of downtown. Revel in the good life with a balconied room overlooking the city and soak in the cocktail culture on San Diego’s largest rooftop terrace. We’re sure you’ll love spending both your days and nights out here among the stars!

A photo of a sleek and modern building with balconies overlooking the city of San Diego

Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego

Experience Luxury at Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego

Imagine waking up to the mesmerizing San Diego Bay right outside your window – a luxury that awaits you at the Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego. This award-winning downtown hotel is designed to offer travelers a blend of comfort and elegance with balconies that showcase stunning bay views.


The Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego encompasses over 1,600 rooms and suites, all stylishly designed and accentuated by modern amenities. But it’s the exterior balconies attached to these accommodations that truly turn heads.

  • Stunning bay views
  • Personal lookouts to the expansive San Diego Bay
Day and Night Views

By day, the balconies offer panoramic views of the sapphire blue waters usually studded with an array of ships, sailboats, and yachts. By night, the water reflects the shimmering city lights like a million diamonds, making the view from the balcony mainly magical and unforgettable.

Moreover, the colorful sunset that gracefully recedes into the bay – as seen from the balcony – is an experience you wouldn’t want to miss.

Local Attractions

The hotel’s proximity to vibrant entertainment districts such as the Gaslamp Quarter and the Marina District further augments its appeal. Upon stepping out of the grand façade, guests are close to various attractions: shopping malls, restaurants, cafes, theaters, art galleries, and more. Whether you’re a culture fan, a foodie, a party-goer or a shopping enthusiast, the neighborhood’s diverse offerings cater to all.

Additional Amenities
  • Rooftop pool for relaxation
  • Full-service spa for therapeutic massages
  • 24-hour fitness center for fitness enthusiasts
Dining Options

Food lovers can indulge in a selection of dining options ranging from casual eateries to fine dining establishments at the Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego.


In essence, a stay at Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego not only promises breathtaking views from balconies but also an exciting, engaging, and balanced San Diego experience. It’s not just about where you stay – it’s about the story you tell later. And a stay at the Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego is a story worth telling.

A picture of the Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego with its beautiful facade and the San Diego Bay in the background.

Pendry San Diego

Pendry San Diego: Luxury in America’s Finest City

When you think about luxury, boutique hotel experiences in San Diego, Pendry San Diego undoubtedly comes to mind. Nestled in the heart of the dynamic Gaslamp Quarter, this hotel is a hotspot of comfort and sophistication.

The rooms and suites with balconies at Pendry San Diego stand as the epitome of a luxury experience. Both are designed with a comfortable, home-away-from-home feel, adorned with chic décor that complements the sophisticated feel of San Diego’s cool and relaxed demeanor. From plush bedding to spacious bathrooms, these quarters provide guests with everything they need to feel pampered and comfortable.

But Pendry San Diego is not just about the rooms. What truly sets this boutique hotel apart is its exceptional service. Staff showcase absolute professionalism and they are at your service, ready to meet every request and fulfill every desire. Whether it’s arranging a city tour, recommending local hot spots, or ensuring that your suite is impeccably clean, every member of the Pendry team works diligently to provide a top-notch luxury experience.

Walking into Pendry San Diego, guests are immediately greeted by a world of aesthetic delights. From the carefully selected furnishings that give off a welcoming and warm ambiance, to the meticulously curated art pieces adorning the hotel corridors – every detail enhances the overall guest experience.

Stepping out onto your balcony, the city’s stunning skyline unfolds before your eyes against the backdrop of the mesmerizing San Diego Bay. It’s the perfect place to unwind after a day of sightseeing and savor the unparalleled views of the bustling city below.

Whether you choose to indulge in the high-end dining options onsite, take a dip in the rooftop pool, or rejuvenate your senses at the luxurious spa, Pendry San Diego promises a distinctive, unforgettable stay.

As a world-class boutique hotel, Pendry San Diego redefines luxury and style. Its unique blend of chic rooms with balconies, exceptional service, and keen attention to detail place it in a league of its own when it comes to San Diego accommodations. So why wait? Book your upscale, elegant stay today and experience the captivating allure of Pendry San Diego.

View of Pendry San Diego's rooftop pool with city skyline in the background

Omni San Diego Hotel

Immerse Yourself in the Heart of San Diego at the Omni San Diego Hotel
Experience the Heart of the City

The Omni San Diego Hotel doesn’t just offer you a place to stay, it offers you the city. Situated strategically in the heart of the Gaslamp Quarter, the hotel puts you within arm’s reach of the thriving downtown life. Touch, see, and breathe the city right from the comfort of your room’s balcony– a feature provided in many of the hotel spaces.

Breathtaking Balcony Views

As the cool, California breeze eases into your room, prepare to have your breath stolen by the view. With the hotel’s towering altitude, most rooms offer sweeping panoramas of the buzzing city and the tranquil bay. This captivating cityscape can be enjoyed in solitude or as the perfect backdrop to an evening with dear ones.

Seamless Service at Your Beck and Call

When it comes to the Omni San Diego Hotel, incredible views are just the beginning. Add to that seamless service that promises to cater to your every need. Need recommendations for your San Diego bucket list? Or maybe assistance with your luggage? Whatever it is, the friendly and professional concierge and hotel staff are there for you, ensuring that you have the most comfortable, enjoyable stay.

The Ideal Base for Your San Diego Adventures

Whether you’re here for the vibrant nightlife, the historic Gaslamp Quarter, the stunning beaches, or the diverse food scene, the Omni San Diego Hotel serves as the perfect base for your Californian adventures. Its prime location means less time traveling and more time immersing yourself in the city’s many wonders. From its breathtaking balcony views and excellent service to its unbeatable location, the Omni San Diego Hotel sure knows how to be at the center of it all without missing out on the details that enrich guest experience.

A view from the balcony of the Omni San Diego Hotel showing buildings in the Gaslamp Quarter and a bay in the background

Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina

Step foot into the luxurious realm of the Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina, a home away from home where comfort meets class. For those who value unabridged relaxation matched with an unbeatable view, the rooms and suites of this hotel are the ideal choice.

Breathtaking Marina Views

Ornamented with state-of-the-art balconies, the Marriott Marquis enhances your stay in San Diego exquisitely. Whether you’re looking over the peaceful, sparkling marina as sunrise paints the sky, or watching boats sail away under a romantic pastel sunset, these view are worth waking up to.

These rooms aren’t just about the view – their aesthetic interiors are thoughtfully designed for your comfort and needs. The use of warm, inviting tones blended with crisp, clean furnishing and the delicate touch of personal ambience strikes a perfect balance between cozy and contemporary.

Modern Amenities

The Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina is rich with modern amenities to make each guest feel pampered. Each room is equipped with Wi-Fi, a coffee maker, mini-fridge, and more. Superlative cleanliness, well-designed ergonomics, and spacious layout are built to cater to every guest.

Sometimes a stay isn’t complete without a dip in the pool or a de-stressing workout, and Marriott’s on-site facilities don’t disappoint. They facilitate an exceptional fitness center, two free-form swimming pools, a fully stocked bar, and an inviting spa and wellness center that exceeds expectations. They even offer a Kids Club for family travelers!

Notable Hospitality

Of course, an unforgettable stay is not just about the room or facilities, but also the people who make it possible. Besides offering unprecedented comfort, Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina’s staff are trained to deliver excellent service. Experience the warmest welcome – from prompt room service, quick check-ins and check-outs, to staff always ready to assist customer requests. The unforgettable stay lies in the details, and the Marriott Marquis makes sure guests are satisfied.

Tourists, explorers, business travelers, or family vacationers will all agree that this hotel is a crown jewel of San Diego. From the moment you set foot into the lobby until you check-out, the Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina ensures that you enjoy hospitality, comfort, and convenience like never before.

The image shows the exterior view of the Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina hotel located beside the San Diego Bay, and a few boats can be seen moored at the edge of the hotel.

Photo by martenbjork on Unsplash

Hotel del Coronado, Curio Collection by Hilton

Timeless Charm at the Hotel del Coronado, Curio Collection by Hilton

A true gem nestled in the heart of San Diego, Hotel del Coronado, Curio Collection by Hilton truly stands out as one of the best hotels with balconies in the city. It’s not every day you find a hotel that combines historic elegance – after all, it’s been a landmark since 1888 – with modern comfort perfectly.

Each room at the Del, as locals lovingly call it, is a unique blend of Victorian charm and contemporary luxury. However, it’s the rooms with balconies that make your stay here unforgettable. These rooms offer sweeping ocean views that’ll make you feel as if the waves are calling out to you. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better view in all of San Diego.

It’s not just the rooms that make this hotel an exceptional choice. With its prime beachfront location, you’ll have access to a wealth of dining options with equally stunning views. Indulge in a romantic dinner at the Sereña Seascape restaurant, where the Pacific Ocean serves as an impressive backdrop, or enjoy a hearty breakfast at Sheerwater while gazing into endless horizons. The Coronado Hotel’s dining scene is a foodie’s paradise.

Despite the wonderful sights and sounds of San Diego beckoning you to explore, you may find it hard to wander beyond the confines of this splendid hotel. There’s just too much beauty and tranquillity here that other places in the city might seem less enticing. Who wouldn’t want to lounge on the balcony, feel the Pacific breeze, and toast to the good life with a beautiful sunset in the backdrop? After all, this is what a vacation should look like and feel like.

From its luxurious accommodations to its captivating ambiance, the Hotel del Coronado, Curio Collection by Hilton, is not just another hotel with a balcony. It offers an experience that makes San Diego worth returning. With its timeless charm wrapped in ultimate luxury and positioned in the midst of stunning natural beauty, it isn’t difficult to see why this historic hotel is on any discerning traveler’s list.

An image of the Hotel del Coronado, a historic and luxurious hotel located in San Diego, with a beautiful beachfront location, offering breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean.

Fairmont Grand Del Mar

Enjoy Grandeur and Elegance at Fairmont Grand Del Mar in San Diego

Discover the radiance and luxury that is Fairmont Grand Del Mar, a remarkable gem nestled in the heart of San Diego. This hotel defines opulence with its stunning Mediterranean-inspired architecture and beautiful scenic views. Your unforgettable San Diego journey starts in this lush haven.

Picture-Perfect Views from Every Corner

When you first step inside your room, one of the first things to catch your attention will be the spacious balcony. Adorned with comfortable seating and offering panoramic views of the world-renowned hotel’s surrounding gardens, these balconies make throwing open the curtains in the morning a genuinely exciting prospect. Relish the stunning spectacle of twilight hues or the enchanting glow of sunrise right from your room.

Indulgence in Every Stay

The Fairmont Grand Del Mar takes luxury to a whole new level. Whether you choose their Palazzo Suite, Marabella Suite, or Prado Suite, expect each one to be a playground for relaxation, comfort, and luxury. These ultra-luxurious accommodations feature lavish interiors, an opulent bathroom, and a private terrace to unwind on while savoring the view.

Live the Life of Leisure

Aside from its breathtaking accommodations, the hotel boasts facilities and amenities that cater to every whim and fancy of a discerning traveler. Golf enthusiasts can play a challenging round at the Tom Fazio-designed championship golf course, while wellness seekers can opt for relaxing treatments at the award-winning spa.

Gourmet Experiences Around Every Corner

Fairmont Grand Del Mar also offers a culinary journey for the food connoisseurs. With several gourmet dining options, it gauges into the nuances of various world cuisines while offering a burst of flavors. From French delicacies to innovative Californian cuisine, every dish here is designed to titillate your taste buds and offer a memorable dining experience.


Every stay at the Fairmont Grand Del Mar is an indulgence in grandeur and elegance, making it one of San Diego’s top hotels with balconies. The picture-perfect views, sophisticated amenities, and world-class service coupled together create an unforgettable stay that leaves you yearning for more.

The luxurious Fairmont Grand Del Mar, located in San Diego, is a Mediterranean-inspired paradise, with lush gardens, stunning views, and opulent accommodations.

The Sofia Hotel

An Unforgettable Stay at The Sofia Hotel

Exploring San Diego becomes a sensory delight when your home base is the iconic Sofia Hotel. As one of San Diego’s most esteemed heritage properties, the Sofia Hotel pairs old-world charm with contemporary luxuries for an experience that is uniquely Californian.

Step into History

The Sofia Hotel isn’t just a place to rest your head; it’s a slice of San Diego’s history. Constructed in 1926, this captivating destination flawlessly blends its rich historical character with modern elegance. Experience the allure of a bygone era while enjoying the splendors of the 21st century at this chic boutique hotel.

Rooms with a View

Imagine sipping on your morning coffee as you watch the bustling city life below from your private balcony. The Sofia Hotel’s balcony rooms treat guests to an enchanting glimpse of downtown San Diego. The large windows bathe the rooms in ample natural light while providing breathtaking city views, which gets even more delightful at night with illuminated cityscapes.

Location, Location, Location

Situated just a stone’s throw away from San Diego’s biggest attractions, The Sofia Hotel truly is a tourist’s paradise. The San Diego Zoo, USS Midway Museum, Petco Park, and a plethora of dining and shopping venues are all within easy reach. You’ll be glad you chose a hotel with such a prime location.

Design with Distinction

Inside, the hotel embraces a soft, neutral color palette, creating a tranquil oasis amidst the city’s effervescent energy. Its serene ambiance complements the hustle and bustle of San Diego, inviting guests for a respite in between their city adventures. Each room is outfitted with plush bedding, modern amenities, and intentional details to make your stay truly enchanting.

The Sofia Hotel promises a unique stay with its blend of historic charm, comfortable luxuries, and unbeatable location. Enjoy the city’s offerings by day and unwind on your own private balcony by night, taking pleasure in the captivating view of downtown San Diego. The Sofia Hotel isn’t just a place to stay; it’s a destination in itself.

A luxurious hotel room with large windows overlooking the cityscape

Kimpton Hotel Palomar San Diego

Step into the world of modern glitz and glamour found at Kimpton Hotel Palomar San Diego. This extraordinary destination is the perfect blend of chic sophistication and coastal California vibes.
Unpack in Style

Set your luggage down and let the relaxation begin in one of the Kimpton’s trendy rooms or suites. Revel in the upscale amenities with a hint of the unexpected where the décor blends contemporary touches with an alluring elegance designed to pamper you thoroughly. Plush bedding, colorful accents, and stylish furnishings create the perfect environment for your stay. But what makes these guest rooms extra unique? The balconies!

Call it a day while you unwind on the private balconies attached to some rooms, taking in the scenic beauty of San Diego teeming below. Sip your morning coffee as the sun rises, or toast to another beautiful day as it sets, all in the privacy of your own balcony.

Inventive Palate Pleasers

Kimpton Hotel Palomar prides itself not just on its remarkable accommodations, but also on its inventive food and beverages. Treat your taste buds at the Curadero, Kimpton’s on-premise restaurant. Known for its authentic Mexican street food and seafood, it delivers an epicurean adventure to match the surroundings. Wash it all down with a signature craft cocktail from their bar where tequilas and mezcals rule the roost.

Experience San Diego with Style

Experience San Diego in a whole new way when you stay at the Kimpton Hotel Palomar. The hotel boasts of a stellar downtown location, putting you close to everything San Diego has to offer. A short walk will take you to the bustling Gaslamp Quarter, home to a rich collection of restaurants, boutiques, and galleries. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also take on the waves at the nearby Pacific Beach.

Whatever your style or whatever your pleasure, Kimpton Hotel Palomar San Diego is a destination that offers more than just a place to sleep. It offers an experience that is as diverse as it is fascinating. Pack your bags, it’s time to experience San Diego with a touch of Kimpton hospitality!

A photo of Kimpton Hotel Palomar San Diego, showcasing the building's exterior with palm trees in front and the name written in large letters.

Photo by jsnbrsc on Unsplash

The allure of San Diego isn’t solely dependent on its panoramic views, sunny weather, or beautiful beaches, it’s also intimately connected to its accommodation offerings. The mentioned hotels, each equipped with a balcony to bring the outside in, add an extra layer of enjoyment to one’s stay. They each highlight a unique character, a varying view, and a level of luxury or comfort that can customize your experience of the city. From the city vistas of Andaz and Omni San Diego Hotel to the enchanting ocean views of Hotel del Coronado or the garden overlook of Fairmont Grand Del Mar, these hotels with balconies magnify the visual charm of San Diego, enhancing your stay in a visually delightful way.

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