Best Sunset Watching Locations in San Diego

Looking for the perfect place to take a sunset date? San Diego has some of the most beautiful sunsets in the country. With the sun setting over the pacific ocean and 360 days of sunny weather, San Diego is the perfect place to plan a date watching the sunset. Check out our list below of the absolute must watch spots.

1. Windansea beach

Windansea Beach is not only one of the most popular surf spots in San Diego, California, but also an amazing sunset date location in San Diego. With perfect waves and picturesque views this is a must see sunset picnic spot. La Jolla beaches are extraordinarily beautiful, as they all have amazing reef formations and it is no surprise Windansea is one of the best beaches in San Diego. Once the beachgoers of the day begin to head home Windansea becomes the perfect spot to set up camp for the evening. The beach features soft sand, as well as, rocky cliffs to sit on top of to avoid the Pacific waves. Be cautious of the tides here because at high tide there will be very little beach to set up a blanket on. Be prepared to find parking in a small neighborhood and able to walk into the beach with all your things, as the parking lot, well more of a dirt lot, is only suited for about 15 cars.

2. Top of Kate Sessions

While Kate Sessions is a beautiful green park overlooking Mission Bay, few people know of a secondary access point within the top neighborhood. Taking a left on Coral Reef off of Mt. Soledad rd. will lead you up to the very top of Kate Sessions, where there is a singe entrance to the hiking trails. Here you can see all 270 degree views of the San Diego sunset. These trails can be followed all the way down to the traditional Kate Sessions park. If you’re looking to go on an easy hike with incredible views this is the spot for you. Kate sessions is also located in the Pacific beach neighborhood of San Diego, which is one of the best places to grab a drink. Catch the sunset at the park and head down to PB for a night of fun!

3. rooftop bar downtown

Maybe your fond of the city life and want to hit of the gaslamp district as the sun goes down. Downtown San Diego has many rooftop bars and restaurants to enjoy. Catch a view over the historic San Diego Harbor, or overlook the Coronado bridge. The options are endless for watching the sunset in Downtown San Diego, and you’ll be able to party the night away as soon as the sun is behind the western sky. If you’re looking for some great recommendations for restaurants with views we have you covered too!

4. the gliderport

The Gliderport located across the street from the University of California, San Diego is perfect for popping open your trunk and having a car camping adventure. Drive your car here and get ready fro the most amazing sunset date. Their dirt parking lots are very expansive and back up directly to the edge of the cliffs above Black’s Beach. Although, be wary taking smaller cars into the dirt lot area as there are large ditches grooved into the roadways. If sitting in your car and enjoying the view isn’t your style, use the stairs to walk down to Black’s beach, but don’t complain to us when you have to make the 2 mile journey back up the massive stairway! Finally keep your eyes on the skys for all the gliders in the airs and enjoy your time!

5. sunset cliffs

This list wouldn’t be complete without the iconic sunset cliffs. Well known to San Diego locals and tourists alike Sunset Cliffs is the best place to catch the sunset, I mean it is in the name. You may think it should rank first in this list, but the sheer amount of people there would deter any date goer. There are many other beaches with still spectacular sunsets, but the cliffside feel of sunset cliffs is what makes it truly unique. During very low tides there is access to hidden caves under the cliffs but I wouldn’t recommend going without a trusty local guide to take you through the safe areas. Pack up a picnic and a few blankets and sunset cliffs is the perfect spot for your date.

6. La Jolla Cove

Fancy a sunset date in one of the fanciest parts of San Diego? Spend it in La Jolla Cove! With all the shops and phenomenal places to eat it is the perfect way to spend an evening with a significant other. If you’re looking to spend a little more money head over to George’s at the Cove and catch the sunset from their rooftop bar, while enjoying fine costal dining.

San Diego Sunset FAQ

How cold does it get when the sun starts to set in San Diego?

The short is answer to this question is cold enough to need a warm jacket regardless of the season. Some sunsets in the summer in San Diego you may not need a jacket, but it is better safe than sorry. The average temperature during sunset in San Diego is between 50-70 Fahrenheit.

Where is the most romantic place to watch the sunset in San Diego?

Sunset Cliffs is commonly agreed upon as the most romantic place to watch the sunset in San Diego, but every place on the list is a very romantic location.

Are these San Diego sunset watching locations free?

Yes, all San Diego sunset watching locations on this list have no admission fee & are free to the public.